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The Age Amazingly Mediclinic
Advanced, awarded and applauded

Age Amazingly Mediclinic continues to earn more plaudits and praise from the cosmetic clinic industry and clients alike.

Focusing on an empathetic, nurturing environment and highly trained practitioners, Age Amazingly Mediclinics offer the expertise of Cosmetic Injectors, Cosmetic Doctors, Laser and Skin therapists, internal anti-ageing and weight loss consultants. These dedicated professionals provide soundly researched and proven services and treatments in the areas of injectable rejuvenation, fat reduction, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation.

Most recently, Age Amazingly Mediclinics have begun offering a series of treatments called “the slow face-lift”, the “natural liquid lift and the “Designer Face”. This breakthrough, non-surgical procedures offer subtle transformation for the mature face, and works as a preventative measure for younger clients.

Other advanced break-throughs include Regen PRP (sometimes called “the fountain of youth”) for extraordinary results in skin texture, tone and tightening. Further developments using this technique have been demonstrated to an audience of doctors and nurses by Age Amazingly founder and principal, Nicole Belle RN, Kerie Jackson RN and Dr Bruce Williamson, at the annual Australian Cosmetic Conference in 2009 and 2010.

In September 2010, Nicole and Kerie presented their latest techniques and insights at a South-East Asian Cosmetic Symposium Master Class in Hong Kong, and held workshops for cosmetic injecting trainers in New Zealand in 2011.

Age Amazingly Mediclinic changes lives as well as looks

In keeping with Age Amazingly’s emphasis on education, training and using the most highly developed products and proven techniques, its skilled practitioners offer facial rejuvenation for the correction of trauma, injury or birth defects as well as for purely aesthetic treatments.

One case was the treatment offered to Lauren Huxley, a Sydney teenager who was horrifically assaulted and beaten some years ago.  

After five years of corrective surgery, she was greatly healed but still bore signs of her facial trauma.  Her mother, Chris, also showed the signs of the ongoing stress and her face appeared prematurely aged.  

Nicole and Kerie undertook the treatment of both these women, and achieved remarkable results.  Lauren’s youthful freshness and beauty have been returned (“fabulous, I just love it”) and Chris is delighted that she no longer looks “sad and tired”.

When you’re the top of your field, it shows

Age Amazingly’s reputation for offering the best and most advanced training, procedures, care and products has seen Nicole and Kerie making regular appearances in the media.  These include Channel Seven’s “Today Tonight”, when the Lauren Huxley story was featured; “A Current Affair” and articles in medical publications such as the Advanced Australian Aesthetics magazine, as well as publications like Vogue, Cosmo, Woman’s Day and Younger You. Nicole has been a regular consultant on WIN TV’s “The Susie Show”, where she demonstrated remarkable makeovers for both women and men.